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Thread: Dreambox DM-500S was unlocking channels and stopped...

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    Dreambox DM-500S was unlocking channels and stopped...

    So i bought a Dreambox DM-500S from Dubai, paid for the receiver and the "subscription" that unlocks all showtime, art, and orbit channels for 200$/year (the subscription alone)...
    it was working fine, then suddenly, it decides that it doesnt want to unlock the channels anymore... this happened over the span of a week, it was working fine last sunday, and now i can only see free channels... but i'm paying 200$/year for the rest, and they're not working...
    i have never owned any kind of satellite receiver before, so i have no idea wat went wrong... is this something that anyone can help me with?

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    Re: Dreambox DM-500S was unlocking channels and stopped...

    hello all,

    I am new user of dream box,
    I am leaving at qatar,
    my receiver is bm-500S it worked for one week but now it is FTA after it gets reseted by it self, please any help is welcome, my email box is

    same think heppen for me
    I have installed the new gemini 4.5
    cccam 2.0.9 and all related files but no progress still the receiver is showing oly free to air channels

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