Sky Italia under investigation

Hot on the heels of Ofcom’s investigation into BSkyB comes a similar examination into Sky Italia. Italy’s Authority Guaranteeing Competition in the Marketplace (AGCM) has received a complaint from Conto TV which transmits a series of channels mostly devoted to adult movies late at night and some soccer programming.

The complaint from Conto TV is a familiar one – at least to BSkyB clients – and says: "The conditions imposed on Conto by Sky for the purchase of services needed to reach the right technical level were not made transparent and did not reflect the actual cost to Sky."

Local press reports quote the AGCM’s Antonio Catricala saying that, if confirmed, such behaviour would be anti-competitive and “designed to compromise Conto TV’s competitive ability.”

Conto TV 1 and 2 have transmitted since Summer 2007. Their broadcasting grid shows day-time hours devoted to lifestyle, fitness and fashion programming. At weekends (and sometimes on Wednesday evenings), the main channel broadcasts soccer drawn from Italy’s Serie C lower league of Italian football. Adult programmes fill the night-time hours.

The investigation is being carried out by Italy’s fiscal police, and must report by Dec 31 2009.