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Sailor Beware! (PG) 1956 An able seaman goes to meet his prospective mother-in-law to discuss marriage arrangements, but finds his run-in with the old battleaxe a harrowing experience. So when he realises he'll never be able to escape her beady eye, he's suddenly afflicted with a case of cold feet and fails to turn up for his wedding. Comedy, starring Peggy Mount, Shirley Eaton, Ronald Lewis and Gordon Jackson (888)

Heaven Can Wait (U) 1943 Don Ameche is perfectly cast in Ernst Lubitsch's razor-sharp fantasy comedy as a playboy who dies and ends up waiting outside the gates of Hell. The Devil (Laird Cregar) questions whether he has been sufficiently sinful to gain entry, prompting the old rogue to recount the story of his eventful life, from stealing his cousin's fiancee to meddling in his son's romance with a singer. Gene Tierney, Charles Coburn and Spring Byington also star (888)

The Woodlanders (U) 1997 Sawmill owner's daughter Emily Woof is forced to marry a wealthy doctor despite her love for a humble woodsman. Former documentary-maker Phil Agland turned his hand to fiction for this adaptation of the Thomas Hardy novel. With Rufus Sewell and Cal MacAninch (888)

That Thing You Do! (PG) 1996 A small-town beat combo become overnight sensations with their debut record but their sudden success looks to be a one-off, leaving them struggling to find a way of repeating the formula. Cheering comedy drama set in the 1960s, written and directed by Tom Hanks, who also appears as the band's manager. With Tom Everett Scott, Liv Tyler and Johnathon Schaech (888)

Bedazzled (12) 2000 Devil-in-a-dress Elizabeth Hurley gives computer buff Brendan Fraser seven life-changing wishes in this remake of the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore comedy. When the lovelorn lad attempts to woo a co-worker for the umpteenth time in four years, he's given yet another rebuff prompting him to wish for her to be in his life. The Devil appears to make the dream come true, in exchange for his soul (888)

Once Upon a Time in America (18) 1984 Sergio Leone's final film is an acclaimed and shockingly violent epic. Robert De Niro stars in the lead role as New York gangster Noodles, who at the beginning of the film returns to his old haunts in the 1960s, prompting him to look back on he and his friends' rise through Manhattan's underworld during the Depression and the Prohibition era. James Woods, Elizabeth McGovern, Tuesday Weld, Treat Williams, Joe Pesci and Burt Young co-star (888)

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