TV Puls, AXN big ad winners in Poland

The Polish national commercial channel Polsat posted ad revenues of PLN300,786,232 (Ä87.1 million) in September, or 49.6% more than a year earlier, according to data produced by TNS OBOP.

While this made it the most lucrative service in Poland, it was closely followed by TVN with PLN281,513,794 (+39.6%).

Interestingly, TV Puls, the station currently being sold by News Corp, saw its year-on-year revenues in September rocket by 477.2% to PLN32,096,829.

Nor was it all good news for Polsat, with Polsat Sport, one of its thematic channels, recording a record fall of 68.7%.

It was also notable that AXNís earnings of PLN30,017,675 were just short of TV Pulsís and made it the sixth most lucrative TV channel in Poland.