Czech-Slovak DTH platforms consolidate

Important changes are currently taking place in the pre-paid DTH markets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

At the beginning of this month, Trade and Technology, one of two card distribution companies in the Czech Republic, changed its name to TradeTec.

What is more, TradeTec and the Slovak company Towercom are now working together and have introduced the Skylink brand, formerly used just in Slovakia, into the Czech Republic.

This has been followed by the launch of a ‘Skylink Standard’ CryptoWorks CAID 0D03 card that retails for CZK1,999 (€81.1) in the Czech Republic and SKK2,490 (€82.2) in Slovakia.

Skylink has also just begun to offer its customers HD channels, providing Eurosport HD and Brava HD in a new programme package.

The moves all add up to a consolidation in the Czech and Slovak pre-paid DTH markets, which up until now have been served by the sister services CS Link in the Czech Republic and SkyLink in Slovakia.