Film Four 09-10-08.

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Girls! Girls! Girls! (U) 1962 King of rock 'n' roll Elvis Presley stars in this musical as a tuna fisherman with an eye for the ladies. Unfortunately, he's faced with the age-old dilemma as he tries to decide which lucky girl deserves his attentions but he's distracted from the pursuit of pleasure when his jealous rival ensures he loses his boat. With Stella Stevens, Laurel Goodwin and Jeremy Slate

Leave Her to Heaven (U) 1946 Melodrama about an unbalanced woman whose insane jealousy leads her to plot the death of anyone she suspects of attracting her husband's affections. Starring Gene Tierney, Cornel Wilde, Jeanne Crain and Vincent Price (888)

Operation Amsterdam (PG) 1958 A stiff-upper-lipped British Army officer engages in a spot of larceny, but it's all to aid the war effort. Ordered to Amsterdam, he joins forces with two cunning Dutchmen and steals a secret cache of diamonds from a bank vault, thus preventing them falling into the hands of the Nazis. But German soldiers look set to thwart the plan. Energetic World War Two adventure, starring Peter Finch, Tony Britton and Eva Bartok (888)

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People Special Simon Pegg and director Robert Weide discuss their new comedy, based on Toby Young's book about his disastrous misadventures as a celebrity journalist

The Animal (12) 2001 A hapless wimp dreams of becoming a police officer, but thinks his chance has gone following a car accident which leaves him critically injured. That is, until a scientist offers to make his physique better than ever before by rebuilding him with the body parts of animals. All seems well, until some beastly traits begin to emerge. Wacky comedy, starring Rob Schneider, Edward Asner and Colleen Haskell

An Officer and a Gentleman (15) 1982 Romantic drama, starring Richard Gere as a Navy recruit whose relationship with a mill worker is forced onto the sidelines by a tough, uncompromising sergeant seemingly determined to keep him down (played by charismatic Oscar-winner Louis Gossett Jnr). Debra Winger is the love interest from the wrong side of the tracks, with Robert Loggia, David Keith and David Caruso appearing in the supporting cast (888)

A Man Apart (18) 2003 DEA agent Sean Vetter (Vin Diesel) is pleased when he captures a notorious drug lord, but a similarly sinister criminal soon takes his place. The new crime lord tries to guarantee his safety by having Vetter assassinated. But the hit goes wrong, leaving the agent's wife dead and driving him into an obsessive quest for vengeance. Larenz Tate, Timothy Olyphant and Geno Silva co-star in this thriller made before Diesel got his big break (888)

Sawdust and Tinsel (18) 1953 A travelling circus arrives in a small town, where ringmaster Albert attempts a reconciliation with his estranged wife. However, this drives his jealous lover into the arms of another man, who rejects and humiliates her. Albert's efforts to defend her only lead to further misery, and he is left contemplating suicide. Powerful drama from Ingmar Bergman, starring Ake Gronberg and Harriet Andersson

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