Film Four 10-10-08.

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Chance of a Lifetime (U) 1950 A group of angry factory workers, tired of poor wages and working conditions, go on strike. The boss of the business decides to let his workers have a go at running the place, causing them to dramatically reassess their ideas. Amiable comedy drama, directed, written by and starring Bernard Miles, with Basil Radford, Kenneth More, Basil Radford and Geoffrey Keen (888)

Whirlpool (PG) 1949 A woman finds herself unable to control her kleptomania, and in desperation, turns to a hypnotist for help. What she doesn't know is that the mesmerist is also a murderer, and when she awakes from her trance, she finds herself in the frame for the villain's most recent crime. Glossy melodrama, starring Gene Tierney, Jose Ferrer, Richard Conte and Charles Bickford (888)

Blanche Fury (U) 1948 A penniless governess is invited to stay at a wealthy relative's estate, where she attracts the attention of the philandering groom — who just happens to be the late owner's illegitimate son. Mesmerising melodrama, starring Valerie Hobson, Michael Gough, Stewart Granger and Walter Fitzgerald (888)

Simone (PG) 2002 A failing film-maker constructs a “synthespian”, a digital actress whose beauty and charisma quickly impress movie fans across the world. However, the adoring public are convinced she's real, forcing him to resort to increasingly desperate measures to maintain the deception. Media satire, starring Al Pacino, Catherine Keener, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Jay Mohr and Jason Schwartzman (888)

Get Over It (12) 2001 A jilted teenager embarks on a series of hilarious attempts to win back his girlfriend — including turning his back on his sporting ambitions and donning tights to take a role in a Shakespeare play. But little does he realise true love could be right under his nose. Smartly written comedy featuring strong performances from Kirsten Dunst, Ben Foster and Melissa Sagemiller. Martin Short makes a cameo appearance (888)

Once Upon a Time in America (18) 1984 Sergio Leone's final film is an acclaimed and shockingly violent epic. Robert De Niro stars in the lead role as New York gangster Noodles, who at the beginning of the film returns to his old haunts in the 1960s, prompting him to look back on he and his friends' rise through Manhattan's underworld during the Depression and the Prohibition era. James Woods, Elizabeth McGovern, Tuesday Weld, Treat Williams, Joe Pesci and Burt Young co-star (888)

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