Combined Ocean software saves TV power

Digital TV specialist Ocean Blue has developed a new software stack supporting energy saving features with HD and analogue functionality on a single chip.

The Bristol-based company says its new Sunrise software is the first to combine power saving functions, HD, USB support, digital and analogue formats on a single chip as opposed to the multiple solutions currently in use. Some early HD receivers produce a sharp popping noise as viewers move between HD and SD channels.

According to Ocean Blue CEO Ken Helps, a single chipset solution is the panacea needed for the high definition technology. “Standards such as DVB-T2 have only been finalised this summer. Ocean Blue is working closely with the semi-conductor industry to produce the hardware and software solution that will power the new generation of televisions, which will also be more energy efficient”

Next generation TV sets are likely to have an energy saving mode, replacing the present standby, and drastically reducing power consumption.