Spain's DTT share over 17%

Spain's DTT platform is taking a share of 17.4% of the country’s viewing, according to latest figures from Impulsa TDT.

This figure means a total of 7.7 million daily viewers watching the new television or 750, 000 viewers more than at the beginning of the summer.

This new growth of DTT is consequence of the growth in sales of DTT receivers, with 12.4 million units sold to date. Of these, 48% were integrated digital TVs (idTVs).

IdTVs are now the main engine of DTT's progression. In August this type of equipment represented 88% of total TV sets' sales and placed the sales of analogue TV sets in its historical minimum with just 34,000 units sold.

In spite of these good figures, Impulsa TDT wants to get across the following message: it is of imperative importance to promote the message of analogue switch off, set for April 3, 2010.

"Although 60% of Spaniard population know the concept of analogue switch off it is still important the fact there's a general confusion over it," warned Andrés Armas, Impulsa TDT's general director. "Because of this it's very important to speed up the collective antennas digital adaptation in those cities because if they don't do so there could be a problem of lack of equipments and installers towards the end of the process" he added.

Another relevant figure the report highlights is the 6 million Spanish citizens already connected to DTT according to latest figures by TNSofres, the consultancy studying the television market.