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The Eve of St Mark (PG) 1944 A man's romance is brought to an abrupt halt when he's drafted to fight in World War Two. Assigned to the Philippines, he ends up stranded on a small and desolate island but letters from his love back home give him the will to survive. Drama, starring William Eythe and Anne Baxter, alongside Michael O'Shea and Vincent Price (888)

Waterloo Road (PG) 1944 John Mills stars as a soldier who discovers his wife has betrayed him by having an affair, prompting him to head home and save his marriage. Wartime melodrama, with Joy Shelton, Alastair Sim and Stewart Granger as the good-looking love rival (888)

Heaven Can Wait (U) 1943 Don Ameche is perfectly cast in Ernst Lubitsch's razor-sharp fantasy comedy as a playboy who dies and ends up waiting outside the gates of Hell. The Devil (Laird Cregar) questions whether he has been sufficiently sinful to gain entry, prompting the old rogue to recount the story of his eventful life, from stealing his cousin's fiancee to meddling in his son's romance with a singer. Gene Tierney, Charles Coburn and Spring Byington also star (888)

Local Hero (PG) 1983 An American oil company representative is sent to buy a Scottish coastal village so it can be demolished to make way for a new refinery, but gradually takes a shine to the place. Bill Forsyth's offbeat comedy drama, starring Peter Riegert, Burt Lancaster, Denis Lawson, Peter Capaldi, Jenny Seagrove and Fulton Mackay (888)

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (12) 2003 Courageous hero Allan Quatermain teams up with a host of other famed characters including Captain Nemo, the Invisible Man, Tom Sawyer and Dr Jekyll to put a stop to the nefarious Fantom's evil plot to bring about a world war. Fantasy adventure, based loosely on Alan Moore's acclaimed graphic novel. Starring Sean Connery, Shane West, Stuart Townsend and Richard Roxburgh (888)

Broken Arrow (15) 1996 Pilot Christian Slater is double-crossed by his veteran partner John Travolta, who plans to extort money from the US government by stealing a top-secret bomber's nuclear warheads and threatening to detonate one of them in a major American city. Director John Woo's action thriller, co-starring Samantha Mathis and Delroy Lindo (888)

Whisky (15) 2004 Charming comedy drama starring Andres Pazos as the struggling owner of a sock factory, who is shocked to learn his estranged brother is planning to pay him a visit. In a bid to appear as successful as possible, he persuades his assistant to pose as his wife. With Mirella Pascual and Jorge Bolani

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