Spain: PPV purchases plummet

Spanish pay-per-view purchases continue to fall, especially soccer matches. In the second quarter 2008, PPV buys were registered at 2.4 million, a downturn of 45% compared with the same period last year.

A report from the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT), put the number of pay-TV subscribers growing at nine per cent in the same period, rising from 3.6 million last year to just over 4 million this year.

Advertising revenues for the Spaniard audiovisual sector in this period also went down, from €1,062 million in 2007 to €1,006 million this year, a downturn of around six per cent. Income generated by the audiovisual services between April and June this year were 1.68% less than in the same period last year, a total of €1,567.9 million.

TV networks were those suffering main reductions in imcome in this quarter. In particular national public broadcaster RTVE, which registered a downturn of 15.8%, Antena 3 a downturn of 12% and Telecinco, which pulled in 3.44% less than last year.