Wednesday 15-10-08.

One TV [Dubai's OneTV]

To receive Dubai ONE digital programs
Satellite Arabsat BADR-4
Orbital Position 26 Deg. East
Polarisation Vertical
Frequency12,130 MHz
Symbol rate27.5 MSymbols/sec

Satellite NILE SAT 101
Orbital Position 7 Deg. West
Polarisation Vertical
Frequency 11,785 MHz
Symbol rate 27.5 MSymbols/sec
F.E.C. 3/4



22:00 23:00 Importance of Being Earnest

In his second adaptation of an Oscar Wilde play, writer-director Oliver Parker (AN IDEAL HUSBAND) assembles a peerless cast to engage in this witty comedy of manners and mistaken identity. In 1890s London, rakish Algernon Montcrieff (Rupert Everett, who also starred in HUSBAND) runs into his friend, Jack Worthing (Colin Firth), who is in town to propose marriage to Algy's wildly romantic cousin, Gwendolen (Frances O'Connor). When returning a cigarette case to Jack, Algy reads the inscription, and discovers his friend has two secrets. Jack has created a devilish younger brother/alter ego called "Ernest" to hide his own misdeeds, and has a beautiful young ward named Cecily (Reese Witherspoon), whom he wants to keep clear of the roguish Algy. While Jack deals with the large obstacle standing between him and Gwendolen--namely, her mother, the imposing Lady Bracknell (a wonderfully imperious Judi Dench)--Algy devises a way to meet Cecily. The confusion and hilarity come to a peak when Algy arrives at Jack's country manor posing as Ernest in order to woo Cecily, and Gwendolen runs away to the country to be with Jack--whom she knows as Ernest. The stellar cast and Wilde's clever words make for genuine entertainment.
Importance of Being Earnest
Genere : Drama
Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Judi Dench
Oliver Parker

01:00 00:00 Up to the Villa - Movie

With UP AT THE VILLA, director Philip Haas offers an intriguing cocktail of romance, melodrama, and suspense. The setting is Italy in the late 1930s--fascism is on the rise, and British expatriate Mary Panton (Kristin Scott Thomas), a penniless young widow, is searching for a new husband who will be able to support her. She has all but made up her mind to accept wealthy Sir Edgar Swift's (James Fox) proposal when the situation is complicated by the arrival of a debonair American playboy, Rowley Flint, played by Sean Penn (who is cast against type here). A flirtation develops between the two--but it is yet another suitor, Austrian war refugee Karl Richter (Jeremy Davies), whose amorous advances Mary finally succumbs to out of pity. When Richter realizes that a continuation of their love affair is out of the question, he commits suicide. Now it's up to the rakish Rowley to save Mary from the consequences of her fateful one-night-stand, even if it means being arrested for murder. Directed with Haas's trademark flair for beautiful scenery, UP AT THE VILLA is an elegant cinematic adaptation of a novella by Somerset Maugham.
Up at the Villa
Genere : Drama
Kristin Scott Thomas, Sean Penn, Anne Bancroft
Philip Haas

03:00 02:00 Red Letters - Movie

05:00 04:00 The Apprentice

06:00 05:00 Lost

07:00 06:00 TMZ

07:30 06:30 The Bold and the Beautiful

08:00 07:00 8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter

08:30 07:30 3rd Rock from the Sun

09:00 08:00 The Tyra Banks Show

10:00 09:00 One Tree Hill

11:00 10:00 Invasion

12:00 11:00 E! True Hollywood Stories

13:00 12:00 The Bold and the Beautiful

13:30 12:30 3rd Rock from the Sun

14:00 13:00 8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter

14:30 13:30 TMZ

15:00 14:00 The Tyra Banks Show

16:00 15:00 One Tree Hill

17:00 16:00 The Bold and the Beautiful

17:30 16:30 The Apprentice

18:30 17:30 8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter

19:00 18:00 TMZ

19:30 18:30 The Tyra Banks Show

20:30 19:30 Emirates News

21:00 20:00 Invasion

22:00 21:00 Lost

23:00 22:00 The Importance of Bien Earnest - Movie