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Thread: Anysat 7000-UC code menu (Emu)

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    Anysat 7000-UC code menu (Emu)

    if any friend has Anysat 7000-UC code menu (Emu)new or old or any clone software plz send me ..

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    Re: Anysat 7000-UC code menu (Emu)

    THESE ARE THE CLONES OF..AnySat 7000 UC ..if nay friend can give any patch in one of them .i shall be very thankful
    AnySat 7000 UCHD
    Balmet OTR-6600 PVR
    DSN 9000PVR
    Galaxy SAT-5100
    Galaxy SAT-5300
    Galaxy SAT-9200
    Koscom SDC- 3510
    Koscom SDF- 3510
    Koscom PVR-5910
    Koscom PVR-5950 R
    Koscom PVR-5970 VFD
    Houston BM-9000 UCAS-CI
    Jepssen PVR X12 DA
    Jepssen PVR X12C DA
    Jepssen JS-6000 W/C/CW
    Neosat SX-7000
    Optex 8990 PVR
    Palcom DSL-3
    Palcom DSL-5400M
    Palcom DSL-2500 PVR
    Praxis 2005
    Preisner SR-300 D/DB
    Preisner SR-340 PD
    Preisner SR-340 CI D/DB
    SAB Nextvision PVR
    Samsat SA 6500
    Sedea S-5000
    Sedea S-6000
    Skymaster DVR 9200
    Skymaster DVR 9300
    Skymaster DVR 9380
    Skymaster DCI 9610
    Technomate TM-8000 MCCI
    Technomate TM-8000 HRMCCI
    Technomate TM-8000 HD80/120MCCI
    Tonbury Jupiter D
    Tonbury Jupiter DSP
    Tonbury Jupiter PVR
    Tonbury Jupiter CS
    Tonbury Jupiter CXCI
    Tonbury Jupiter BTCI
    Tonbury Jupiter Beta
    Tonbury Cupid D
    Tonbury Cupid FP
    Wisi OR 96
    Wisi OR 97
    Wonik SDF-3500

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