Eurosport launches catch-up VOD

European sporting channel Eurosport will soon launch an on-demand TV service through cable, internet and satellite throughout Europe. The service will allow operators distributing Eurosport's signal to offer an added value to their subscribers.

Eurosport and Eurosport 2's best content including major events such as US Open Tennis, among others, will be on offer. Operators will be able to offer their subscribers access to more than 4,000 programming hours on demand seven days a week.

The broadcaster will also offer the operators technical and content solutions in order to be able to offer this service via FTP.

Jean Thierry Augustin, Developement and Distribution General Manager for Eurosport, said: "This service is a great complement for our channel and services offering. We certainly know a lot of our fans can't be in front of the TV set when our events are broadcast live so this service will allow them not to miss them."

The company has already signed agreements for the service with France's pay-TV operator CanalSat and Belgium pay TV operator Belgacom. Other similar agreements will be reached in the next months by Eurosport.