Tandberg wins ABC and DirecTV

US network ABC says it will, from this coming Monday, shift its HDTV distribution signals from MPEG2 to MPEG4, using compression and transmission kit from Tandberg Television. DirecTV has also committed to Tandberg kit for its HD expansion.

The transition will not happen overnight but take until about January. ABC is the first major US network broadcaster to make this move. The new MPEG4 (and DVB-S2) signals will permit ABC to carry three HDTV feeds in the same amount of bandwidth currently being used to carry a single HD channel. ABC’s SNG activity will, at least for the time being, stay in MPEG2, but this too will transition to MPEG4 over time.

DirecTV has also selected Tandberg’s latest MPEG4-AVC HD encoders for its local-into-local high-def expansion. DirecTV has chosen Tandberg’s newly released EN8095 encoders, part of the EN8090 MPEG-4 AVC SD/HD encoding family.

“New features within the EN8095 include IP statistical multiplexing, 8VSB input and control of up to three different outputs (MPEG-4 AVC HD/SD and MPEG-2 SD). The encoders provide more bandwidth efficiency, the ability to capture and rebroadcast terrestrial HD channels and allow DirectTV the ability to leverage existing operational efficiencies as well as support future requirements,” says Tandberg TV.