Film Four & Film Four +1 18-10-08.

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War Games
(1983) Matthew Broderick stars in John Badham's thriller as a high school student who accidentally infiltrates a military computer.WarGames harks back not only to a different decade but to a different age: one in which "modem" was among the most modern of terms and any computer with serious brain power was the size of the average family car.
John Badham's taut thriller is a reminder that the 80s was a technological stone age as well as the time of big hair...

Private Hell 36
(1954) Don Siegel's thriller stars Steve Cochran and Howard Duff as two cops assigned to track down a vast sum of money stolen in a hold-up.Don Siegel made two important films in 1954. Riot In Cell Block 11 was a superb jail-bound story that woke Hollywood up to the fact that this former editor had it in him to make compelling features. Although less widely praised, Private Hell 36 also represented a breakthrough for the two-time Oscar winner...

Rio Grande
(1950) The third of John Ford's commanding triptych of Seventh Cavalry films once again stars John Wayne as Lt Col Kirby Yorke.John Ford and John Wayne return to the territory they mapped out so successfully in Fort Apache. Released two years later but set 15 years on, Wayne's Kirby Yorke has been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and acquired both a moustache and 'e' at the end of his surname...

(2003) A group of archaeologists are sent back in time on a rescue mission to war-torn 14th century France.t's a schoolboy premise - what would you do if you found yourself stuck in another era? It's also the premise Michael Crichton used in his bestseller, which began its inevitable transformation to the big screen before it was even published in 2000. Crichton is no stranger to adolescent high concepts, of course. What would it be like if dinosaurs were alive today is another one of his...

Without a Paddle
(2004) Buddies Dan, Jerry and Tom decide to go on a bonding canoe trip in the wilderness, and meet a crazed mountain man, and comeley tree-huggers.Fish-out-of-water scenarios have become an entertainment staple, easily applied to any genre format. With comedies in particular, they can be a lazy route to box office success, so it's understandable why director Steven Brill seems to have a taste for this type of filmmaking...

The Gift
(2000) Cate Blanchett stars in Sam Raimi's psychological thriller as a smalltown widow 'blessed' with psychic powers.As the man behind the Evil Dead movies, Sam Raimi has probably forgotten more about horror than most filmmakers will ever know. Yet recently he has concentrated on establishing himself as a mainstream director with projects like For The Love Of The Game and excellent noir-thriller A Simple Plan...

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