Hi All
Need help plz with Mvision ST-5 USB
I have download various programmes ie MV-S5-2.88_scam-1.27, M-Vision Tools 2.9,
( MV-S5-2.88_scam-1.27 ) In the Zip files is Mvision HomeStreaming programmes and the help to setup PC to STB
I Can not get it to link up or upgrade help plz.
S.W Ver

In the PDF help to setup
MVISION series 5 receiver configuration:
1) Please go to IP setup and press “Apply” ( Options‐>Network‐>IP Set up‐> ).
( I have setup the IP to auto )
2) Exit the IP set up menu and go to “Home Stream Setup” then select
Input URL.
( I do not see Home Stream Setup Menu, I only see Net menu )

3) Input the Server‐>IP using the numeric keyboard from your RCU. This IP number is that one
that the PC program has previously shown you.
4) From outside any menu, press the RCU “Fn” key. You will find the following options:
‐ Preview Mode
‐ Network File Manager (select this one) and you will get all the files inside the selected
Press the Fn key, I only see
Preview Mode
and I do not see Network File Manager
Any help is would be greatly received as its driving me nuts now.