Sportsman and Sport5 market Bundesliga

Sports rights agencies The Sportsman Media Group and Sportfive have been granted the rights to market the TV rights of German soccer league Bundesliga in international markets by Germany's national soccer association DFL.

Sportsman will allocate the rights to TV broadcasters in southern Europe and the Asia/Pacific region including Greece, Turkey, the Philippines and Thailand while Sportfive will be responsible for parts of Europe and Asia including France, Portugal, Japan and Korea.

This was announced by the companies involved, without revealing financial details. The agreement covers three seasons, starting with 2009/10. A total of 10 companies submitted bids in DFL's tender.

In Germany, originally Leo Kirch's sports rights agency Sirius SportMedia was commissioned by DFL to market the domestic TV rights. However, after the cartel office signalled its disapproval of the deal, the contract was dissolved with DFL now allocating the rights on its own. The tender will commence at the end of October and finalised by the end of January 2009.