Poland looks at Digital UK model

Poland may shortly have a digital TV foundation based on the lines of Digital UK.

Quoted in Wirtualne Media, Anna Strezynska, the president of the country’s Office of Electronic Communications (UKE), called for the creation of such a body, which has already been given the working title Cyfrowa Polska (‘Digital Poland’).

She added that a consultation on the proposed foundation would start today (October 21) and last around a month. It will be followed by talks with the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT), after which a proposal will be submitted to the government.

The KRRiT has also expressed support for a Digital UK-type body to be established in Poland, as the country pushes to complete ASO in 2012 rather than 2014.

Reports also suggest that the UKE and KRRiT are working closely together to ensure that a tender for Poland’s second DTT multiplex can be announced by the end of this month.