DM8000 on sale soon

* 2008-10-22 12:43:51 / Anita Dąbek
* Last update: 2008-10-22 13:55:15
* Source: Dream Multimedia

Dream Multimedia, manufacturer of set-top boxes based on the Linux operating system, reported that it began deliveries DM8000 PVR HD DVD. Dreambox new distributors, which provides for HDTV reception, later this week will be the first device. Initially, the decoder will be available in a limited number of copies.

In mid-November DM8000 will be available at all leading distributors of digital television equipment. At the same time for the media will be made available to test equipment.

New Dreambox is a decoder, which provides significantly greater performance and functionality than any other HDTV decoder on the market. Features such as support for Ethernet and wireless LAN ensure that the DM8000 can become a media server for each home network. In addition, you can install a DVD player, a burner or hard disk, ensuring that the new Dreambox satisfy the desire of each user. Price DM8000 PVR HD DVD starts from 899 euros.

New security hologram on the packaging of all Dreamboxˇw provides protection for consumers against the dangers of illegal copies of decoders. These illegally manufactured devices are inferior quality and do not provide a stable and reliable operation provided for Dreambox. Details on the security hologram can be found at h**p://