UPC adds Religia.tv

  • last update: 2008-10-21 11:57:20
  • source: UPC Polska/media2.pl

Another new channel in Polish UPC platform offer is religious station Religia.tv created by ITI Group. Religia.tv has appeared on channel 363 in UPC cable network. Religia.tv is currently available in Polish N platform on from 15th of October in Cyfra+.

Channel has significantly increased the chances of gaining a new group of viewers and improve its viewing records.

Religia.tv was launched on 15th October 2007 and its line-up includes: intellectual programmes, documentaries, cultural and popular science magazines as well as talk shows. This channel is not a competition for TV Trwam, it's rather a station that presents the impact of religion on human life in spiritual, social and cultural sense.