Nilesat is booked solid

Cairo-based satellite broadcaster Nilesat is "booked solid" according to a study from Euroconsult and the London Satellite Exchange. The other 12 regional operators broadcasting over the Middle East are also busy with a combined average fill rate of 73%, says Euroconsult.

The mid-2008 survey proves again that the Middle East is one of the world's most dynamic for broadcasting. Transponder demand is rising at 12% per annum, with satellite-lease revenues growing by 17% per year on average since 2003, reaching $752 million in 2007, says Euroconsult.

Nilesat of Egypt, is booked solid on its two satellites, both in terms of available bandwidth and available transponders. The company has ordered a new satellite to be ready early in 2010.

With 14 available satellites that can potentially reach into the Middle East and North Africa (and more than 475 transponders over the region), Eutelsat of Paris is the region's biggest operator, and supplies about half of the total capacity over the region. Eutelsat's average fill rate is 72% over the region.