Anacom approves DTT decision

The Portuguese communications regulator Anacom has given its approval to proposals from the committee set-up to review the decision on the country’s DTT tender process. The committee has reaffirmed the original conclusions to award Multiplexes A-F to Portugal Telecom.

Last June, the regulator declared Portugal Telecom the winner of all six multiplexes, but was challenged by Airplus TV, which had bid for the five pay-TV multiplexes. The Swedish-owned company is now threatening legal action.

Airplus had complained that the chairman of the original committee Carlos Salema was the CEO of the Telecommunications Institute, of which Portugal Telecom is a client and financial backer, while Salema’s daughter and brother were part of the PT management.

Portugal Telecom now has ten days present a bond of € 2,500,000; there then follows a 15-day period during which the licence will be officially awarded.