Europa 7 handed RAI frequencies

Italy’s Communications Authority (AgCom) has ruled that part of the broadcast spectrum currently occupied by Rai Uno, due to be freed up after ASO, should be assigned to private broadcaster Europa 7. A final decision by the Italian Government is expected on December 16.

AgCom has also ruled that the two dominant TV operators, RAI and Mediaset, will have to host Europa 7 transmission equipment at their sites “under equal, transparent and non-discriminatory economic conditions“. Europa 7 is an Italian TV channel owned by Centro Europa 7 and has held a national licence since 1999. It has not been able to start broadcasting since other channels occupied its frequencies.

However, Europa 7 is still requesting damages from the state amounting to €3.5 billion without the assigning of the frequencies or €2.16 billion if the frequencies are assigned.