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A Town Like Alice (PG) 1956 Jack Lee's harrowing drama is never easy viewing, but it's certainly worth the effort. Based on the novel by Nevil Shute, it explores the harsh realities of life for women prisoners of the Japanese in Malaya during World War Two, as they are forced to march for days on end, while being subjected to random beatings and torture. Virginia McKenna, Peter Finch, Takagi and Jean Anderson are among the top-drawer cast (888)

The Indian Fighter (PG) 1955 A scout hired to take a wagon train through Sioux territory hopes to maintain good relations with local Indians. However, the actions of a few foolhardy individuals look set to shatter the tentative peace, and a planned robbery threatens to spark all-out war. Western directed by Andre De Toth, with Kirk Douglas giving a solid performance in the lead, alongside Walter Matthau, Elsa Martinelli and Lon Chaney Jnr

The Raid (U) 1954 Van Heflin heads the cast of this dark, tense American civil war drama about a band of escaped confederate prisoners planning an attack on a Canadian border town. Their leader goes undercover as a businessman to get the lie of the land, but as he strikes up a relationship with a local widow and her son, he undergoes a crisis of conscience. With Anne Bancroft and Lee Marvin (888)

Secondhand Lions (12) 2003 A youngster reluctantly goes to stay with his eccentric uncles, who are rumoured to have a fortune hidden somewhere on their property but his trepidation disappears when they share exciting tales from their youth. Family drama, starring Michael Caine, Robert Duvall and Haley Joel Osment (888)

Big Momma's House (12) 2000 Martin Lawrence plays a dedicated FBI agent who will stop at nothing to catch a dangerous escaped convict, even if it means donning a fat suit and drag to pose as the obese old woman who lives across the road from the felon's girlfriend. Comedy, with Nia Long, Paul Giamatti, Jascha Washington, Terrence Dashon Howard and Ella Mitchell (888)

The 51st State (18) 2001 Drug dealer Samuel L Jackson decides to retire from a life of crime but must raise the necessary funds through one final sale in the north of England. He quickly realises the mean streets of Liverpool are no place for a kilt-wearing American and is forced to invest in a little personal security. Ronny Yu's action comedy co-stars Robert Carlyle, Emily Mortimer, Meat Loaf, Ricky Tomlinson, Sean Pertwee and Rhys Ifans (888)

Tell Them Who You Are (15) 2004 Intriguing documentary charting Oscar-winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler's fraught relationship with his son who is also the director of this honest account. Insights into similar Hollywood families come courtesy of Jane Fonda and Conrad L Hall

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