French police question card-sharing ring

French police have questioned 26 people in a coordinated action against a card-sharing ring. Those detained were subscribing to a service offering Canal+ decoding via a website. A 50-year old man from Roubaix in Northern France is said to have offered the web-based card-sharing service that hacked Canal and a number of other European operators.

The action followed a complaint from the French conditional access provider Viaccess. Since last June the France Telecom-owned company has been working with the French cyber police to find the suspects, who were eventually traced by tracking their IP numbers.channels on multiple receivers in a single home. By using an internet connection, this technique can also be applied to multiple homes.

Most pay-TV operators frown upon these card-sharing devices, but the legal situation is still unclear. One of the reasons for such systems popularity is the lack of a suitable multiroom alternative. In the past few weeks Canal has introduced a new multiroom solution that connects set-top boxes using Powerline networking.

After interviewing 26 people. French police said they are now looking for more customers of the man in Roubaix.