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Thread: Compro Videomate s350.....Help!

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    Compro Videomate s350.....Help!

    I own Compro Videomate S350 dvb card, is it possible to watch scrambled satellite channels like Premiere, Discovery etc.
    I have tried to catch some channels on Astra and Hotbird with no success.
    I'm also used a ProgDVB, DVBdream with several plug-ins without results.
    So if u have any sugestion please shoot!!
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Compro Videomate s350.....Help!

    I have the same card , and using altDVB or ProgDVB combined with V-Plug and the latest files , I can easily watch the type of channels you describe.

    I think its just down to installing the viewers and plug-ins correctly

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