Naxoo bolsters HD offer

Swiss cablenet Naxoo has launched a new HD package for subscribers in the cantons of Geneva and Valais.

The new package includes National Geographic HD, BBC HD, HD3 Culture, iConcerts HD, Arte HD and Melody Zen TV for a monthly CHF10 (€6.69). Subscribers must first take the basic and premium packages as well as the CHF20 per month Drivebox HD PVR. HD Suisse and Luxe TV continue to be available with a Drivebox subscription.

Canal+ à la carte is also available to Canal subscribers with around 30% of its output available in the HD format

Naxoo has also added to its CHF25 bouquet of English language channels. Taking advantage of Switzerland’s ‘generous’ copyright laws subscribers can now tune to UK domestic channels BBC Three, CBBC, BBC News and ITV3. NASN and Trace TV are also a part of the line-up.

News channel Sky TG24 has been added to the Italian bouquet, while Cinecinema Star (the former TPS Cinéstar) is a new addition to the CHF25 Cinecinema pack.