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Thread: Premiere Sport Portal - Technomate 5200 Super

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    Premiere Sport Portal - Technomate 5200 Super

    Hi all
    I have a Technomate 5200D Super box with motorized dish. I loaded the latest Magic patch. I have a wierd problem in that I can't see all the transponders on Hotbird so i cannot get a signal to see Premiere Sport Portal. However, I have picked it up on Arab Sat 26 degrees. The patch has unlocked it but I thought the Bookmarks button got me into the portal channels, but its doesn't! Can anyone let me know what I do to access the portals?


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    Re: Premiere Sport Portal - Technomate 5200 Super

    Hi Fella
    The channels have to be stored in the receiver before the bookmark button will work.
    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Premiere Sport Portal - Technomate 5200 Super

    Hotbird is 13'east, the Premiere Sports Portal is on Astra @ 19.2'East!

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