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Thread: Hellenic channels FTA on Hellas SAT

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    Hellenic channels FTA on Hellas SAT

    CINE+,SPORT+,PRISMA+,RIK sat,are the Greek channels transmitted
    FTA on Hellas Sat 2,11003/V/13500/2\3.


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    Re: Hellenic channels FTA on Hellas SAT

    The signal is low at the moment(40%),here in northern Greece.
    Perhaps,if you move your disk 1 or 2 degrees,you will get a better signal.

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    Re: Hellenic channels FTA on Hellas SAT

    They are not free anymore,changed to BISS encryption.
    So we can forget them for now.

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    Re: Hellenic channels FTA on Hellas SAT

    παιδια καλησπερα και απο εμενα,εγω θα ηθελα να ρωτησω γιατι δεν βρισκω αρχειο τις nova cyprous? εαν ξερει καποιος ασ μου πει κατι! ευχαριστω!!!

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