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Thread: HELP. Where have all the keys gone?

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    Exclamation HELP. Where have all the keys gone?

    Earlier versions of Predator had considerably more keys than the current version (3.21). e.g. Ver 2.15 for instance had 10 Seca keys whereas 3.21 only has 6. Is there a way to add these keys back using Dragoncrypt, and if so how is it done? If not, is there a tool out there that will allow one to either do this, or create your own dra files with whatever keys you need or want?

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    Re: HELP. Where have all the keys gone?

    I can't even get a key working ;-O
    by / through remote inserting.
    so I stopped trying
    Let me know pls.if us sucsesfull
    in ur quest

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    Re: HELP. Where have all the keys gone?

    @ Donkey2005 & bienheuvel hi M8 i don't know wich predator you use 321 patch or 321bis but there is a difference! if you use the 321bis you can UPD with Dragoncrypt1.3 get the latest softcam key convert to dra save and you got your dra files UPD hope this help

    regards blakeB-)

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    Re: HELP. Where have all the keys gone?

    Thanks Blake. I'll give that 321bis a try.

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