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Thread: Eurobird 9 Help Plz

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    Eurobird 9 Help Plz

    Hi All
    i have the ST-5 and need help with set-up Eurobird 9.
    in the motor setup menu Eurobird 9 is not in the list, how do i setup the satelitte the book is very vague on set up can anyone help with this plz

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    Re: Eurobird 9 Help Plz

    I am using st5. I hope this helps.
    This is the way I got hotbird 9.
    Go to motor set up.
    Enter usals mode.
    Move down to satellite and alter the sat to newsat 00.
    Scroll down the page to satellite position and change the sat position to 9 west.
    Scroll down again to search options.
    There I chose blind scan which set up all transponders and channels.
    I then saved the data as newsat 00.
    I also loaded a few others which do not show in the sat list in the same way.

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    Re: Eurobird 9 Help Plz

    You can use W1 at 10 east as the signal from eurobird 9 is very stong, just add the frequencies to your box.

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