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Thread: TRUMAN-SW3.4.09 yumatu-combo

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    Lightbulb TRUMAN-SW3.4.09 yumatu-combo

    TRUMAN-SW3.4.09 yumatu-combo

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    Re: TRUMAN-SW3.4.09 yumatu-combo

    Info for new sw:
    Polsat AU
    Premiere AU
    Sirius AU
    Digi TV AU

    On Sirius Satellite 5 * E operate a new software package from Viasat. Individual programs have worked before. Added *** emu support for Premiere and Viasat

    SVT programi na 11785-27500-V
    DR1 11823-27500-V
    DR2 11823-27500-V
    SVT1 11881-27500-H

    SVT2 11881-27500-H

    Barnkanalen 11881-27500-H

    3+Baltics 11958-27500-H
    3+Baltics E 11958-27500-H
    TV3+ 11977-27500-V
    Viasat4 11977-27500-V
    TV3 Norge 12054-27500-V
    TV7 12092-27500-V
    Romantica 1 12111-27500-H
    Romantica 2 12111-27500-H
    PG 12111-27500-H
    PB 12111-27500-H
    ESPN Europe 12111-27500-H
    Global 2 12111-27500-H

    Thanks @Svirac for info

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    Exclamation Re: TRUMAN-SW3.4.09 yumatu-combo

    hi im looking for a very old update for yumatu 2 ci ( truman 3.2.82 ) PLEAZ if anyone have it pleaz upload or pm me thanks

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