Mobile 3.0 hands its DVB-H licence back

The German consortium Mobile 3.0 will this week hand back its DVB-H licence to the authorities. The news broke during the Munich Media Days conference, according to industry newsletter Digital Fernsehen.

The return of the licence was ordered by the authority for private broadcasters - Zulassungs- und Aufsichtskommission für den privaten Rundfunk (ZAK) - because Mobile 3.0 did not meet the conditions of the licence.

Rudolf Gröger, the CEO of O2 Germany and president of Mobile 3.0, said: “We have not worked together to make DVB-H succeed, it lacked a round table, on which all market players would come together.”

DLM Chairman Henry Thomas Lang welcomed the move by Mobile 3.0. However, he would not say when a new licence would be issued.