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Thread: local bulsatcom lookinkg for................

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    Smile local bulsatcom lookinkg for................

    hi to all looking for this paket :

    45.0E Intelsat 12 Dialog Tv
    42.0E Turksat 2A/3A D-Smart
    39.0E Hellas Sat 2 Bulsatcom
    39.0E Hellas Sat 2 Dolce
    36.0E Eutelsat Sesat & W4 MultiChoice Africa
    36.0E Eutelsat W4 NTV Plus
    36.0E Eutelsat W4 Poverkhnost Plus
    36.0E Eutelsat W4 Tricolor TV
    28.2E Astra 2A/2B/2C/2D & Eurobird 1 Sky UK
    25.5E Eurobird 2 Orbit Network
    23.5E Astra 1E/3A SkyLink
    23.5E Astra 1E/3A Canal Digitaal Satelliet
    23.5E Astra 3A Kabel Deutschland
    21.0E AfriStar 1 WorldSpace (East)
    21.0E AfriStar 1 WorldSpace (South)
    19.2E Astra 1G/1H/1KR UPC Direct
    19.2E Astra 1G/1H/1L Premiere
    19.2E Astra 1G/1H/1L CanalSat France
    19.2E Astra 1H/1L Canal Digitaal Satelliet
    19.2E Astra 1KR Digital +
    16.0E Eutelsat W2 Parabole Ocean Indien
    16.0E Eutelsat W2 CanalSat Reunion
    16.0E Eutelsat W2 ITV Partner
    16.0E Eutelsat W2 Total TV
    16.0E Eutelsat W2 DigitAlb
    13.0E Hot Bird 6/7A TPS
    13.0E Hot Bird 6/7A Bis
    13.0E Hot Bird 6/7A American Forces Network
    13.0E Hot Bird 7A Cyfra +
    13.0E Hot Bird 7A N
    13.0E Hot Bird 7A/8 Sky Italia
    13.0E Hot Bird 7A/8 Nova gr
    13.0E Hot Bird 7A/8 Nova cy
    13.0E Hot Bird 7A/8 Cyfrowy Polsat
    9.0E Eurobird 9 Hello HD
    9.0E Eurobird 9 KabelKiosk
    7.0E Eutelsat W3A DigiTurk
    7.0E Eutelsat W3A GTV
    4.8E Thor 2 & Sirius 4 Viasat
    4.8E Sirius 4 Max TV
    4.8E Sirius 4 Viasat Ukraina
    0.8W Thor 3 Focus Sat
    0.8W Thor 3/5 Canal Digital
    0.8W Thor 5 & Intelsat 10-02 Digi TV
    4.0W Amos 2 Boom TV
    4.0W Amos 2/3 Yes
    4.0W Amos 3 T-Home
    5.0W Atlantic Bird 3 Bis
    5.0W Atlantic Bird 3 Orange
    7.0W Nilesat 101 ADD
    7.0W Nilesat 101/102 Showtime
    8.0W Atlantic Bird 2 KabelKiosk
    8.0W Atlantic Bird 2 Orbit Network
    22.0W NSS 7 CanalSat Horizons
    30.0W Hispasat 1C Meo
    30.0W Hispasat 1C/1D Digital +
    34.5W Intelsat 903 CanalSat Caraibes
    40.5W NSS 806 Pramer CableVision
    43.1W Intelsat 11 Sky Brazil
    43.1W Intelsat 11 DirecTV Brazil

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    Re: local bulsatcom lookinkg for................

    Hello Mate

    How are you
    You have all i have been looking for, specially Multichoice can you please E-mail me or add me on MSN like to test your cline..

    Best regards

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