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Thread: Will Premiere channels on Astra 19e switch to Nagra 3?

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    Question Will Premiere channels on Astra 19e switch to Nagra 3?

    hi all,
    i have been reading around in other forums and they mention that the premiere channels on astra 19'e are gonna stop soon as they are changing to nagra3..

    is this why we have lost some of the channels on premiere already?

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    Angry Re: Is Premiere Going Nagra3?

    youll right

    They planned this since 4 months. End of weekend changeover will be finished.


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    Re: Is Premiere Going Nagra3?

    The channels that are gone seem to bbe encrypted by NDS. This is how my FTE receiver is showing them.

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    Re: Is Premiere Going Nagra3?

    Chances are if they break nagra 3. You will probably need new cam or new card. If it ever happens. I would rather see s*y hacked Murdock has had it too good for too long?

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