Worldspace delisted

Worldspace is no longer listed on the Nasdaq exchange. It was removed Oct 30. Formally, Worldspace (which is now listed under the alternate ‘pink sheet' trading system as WRSPQ.PK) is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Nasdaq has formally given Worldspace until November 20 to get its house in order and become compliant. "If, at any time prior to November 20, 2008, the market value of listed securities of the Company's common stock is $50,000,000 or more for a minimum of 10 consecutive business days, Nasdaq will determine if the Company complies with Marketplace Rule 4450(b)(1)(A)".

Worldspace's ‘Pink Sheet' trading was at about 8c a share yesterday, down 25% on the day, and giving the company a theoretical market capitalisation of $3.4m.