Film Four & Film Four +1 31-10-08.

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Belle Starr (Film)
Very loosely based on a true story, Gene Tierney plays Belle, daughter of a Southern aristocrat. When the invading Yankees take over her land, she vows revenge and heads to Missouri where she marries Confederate outlaw Sam Starr, and joins him and his gang in harrying the occupying troops. In fact, the real Belle Starr was a simple outlaw who, with her Cherokee husband, used the confusion of war as an opportunity to line their own pockets; but Irving Cummings' tough western does at least stick to the truth about her eventual demise.

Love Is a Many Splendored Thing (Film)
In Hong Kong of 1949, tensions mount as refugees pour in from Communist China. So when married American journalist Mark Elliot falls in love with widowed Eurasian doctor Han Suyin, they come under intense pressure to end their affair from English socialite Mrs Palmer-Jones, Suyin's communist colleague Dr Sen and the city's vicious gossip-mongers. Their happiness is short-lived, however; Suyin is sacked from her job, Mark's estranged wife refuses to give him a divorce, and finally his newspaper sends him to cover the Korean War. Mark is killed, but his death only cements Suyin's belief that their love is eternal in Henry King's romantic weepy.

Rio Grande (Film)
Tough Lt. Col. Kirby Yorke has a new recruit - his son - to train in warfare and life. A mature, moving western - the third in John Ford's Cavalry trilogy, following Fort Apache and She Wore A Yellow Ribbon.

Last Holiday (Film)
Wayne Wang's re-make of the 1950s comedy stars Queen Latifah as Georgia Byrd, an in-store cookery demonstrator who, diagnosed with a brain tumour, throws caution to the wind, cashes in her life savings and goes to the Czech spa town of Karlovy, Vary where her hero Chef Didier works. Impressed by her skills, the two become friends, to the annoyance of millionaire Matthew Kragen, who is determined to expose the parvenu Georgia in front of the hotel's guests.

Blade: Trinity (Film)
Wesley Snipes returns in the final Blade film as the eponymous vampire slayer. Half-human, half-vampire himself, he is joined by Abigail Whistler and Hannibal King for the final confrontation. The Vampire Nation have found Dracula and with his DNA, they will be able to operate by day as well as night. David S Goyer's smart horror movie sees the two sides meet in the final confrontation that will decide who rules Earth.

Black Book (Film)
Paul Verhoeven returns to his Dutch roots with this visceral drama of life under Nazi occupation in the Netherlands. Rachel Stein is a Jewess intent on avenging her family's murder. She joins the Resistance and agrees to become the lover of high-ranking SS officer Ludwig Muntze in order to learn which Dutchmen are secretly collaborating with the occupiers. But she falls in love with the man rather than the monster and finds herself in danger not just from the Nazis but from her compatriots.

Grave of the Fireflies (Film)
From Japan's Studio Ghibli, Isao Takahata's moving film looks at the effect of American attacks on the Japanese civilian population. The film opens on the day of Japan's surrender, as a young boy, Seita, dies alone. Then in flashback, it shows the death of his mother from burns inflicted in a bombing raid, his attempts to look after younger sister Setsuko and their struggle against hunger, increasing attacks by the Americans and the abandonment of compassion and caring by the rest of society. An openly anti-war film, it shows that the suffering of the innocents in war happen both to the victors and the losers and despite its country of origin, could apply to any around the world.

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