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Freedom Radio (PG) 1940 World War Two melodrama about a Viennese doctor's reaction to the Nazi regime. At first, he attempts to maintain business as usual and ignore the increasing brutality around him. However, events take a sickening turn when his wife begins wholeheartedly espousing Hitler's views prompting him to start broadcasting Allied propaganda from a secret transmitter. Starring Clive Brook, Diana Wynyard, Raymond Huntley and Derek Farr (888)

Storm over the Nile (U) 1955 A soldier accused of cowardice sets out to prove his worth by rescuing his friends during the Sudan campaign of the 1890s. Zoltan Korda's remake of his own film The Four Feathers, starring Laurence Harvey, Anthony Steel, Ronald Lewis, Ian Carmichael and James Robertson Justice (888)

Prince Valiant (U) 1954 Robert Wagner takes the title role in this adventure, based on the newspaper comic-strip by Hal Foster. He plays the noble Viking knight who is invited to King Arthur's court, only for sinister onlookers to plot his and the ruler's demise. Janet Leigh, James Mason and Debra Paget co-star (888)

Volcano (12) 1997 A river of molten lava erupts onto the streets of Los Angeles, prompting by-the-book emergency expert Tommy Lee Jones to team up with intrepid scientist Anne Heche in a bid to save the city's residents. Action thriller, with Gaby Hoffmann, Keith David and Don Cheadle (888)

Crash (15) 2004 Provocative, disturbing drama following a diverse set of characters brought together by a series of collisions and crimes during a turbulent 36 hours in multicultural Los Angeles. Paul Haggis's Oscar-winning directorial debut is a stark, veracious account of the prejudice that affect modern life, with strong performances by Sandra Bullock, Matt Dillon, Don Cheadle, Thandie Newton and Brendan Fraser (888)

Black Book (15) 2006 Director Paul Verhoeven returned to his native Holland to direct this World War Two thriller, set in the early years of the conflict. Carice van Houten stars as a young Jewish woman working as a singer who witnesses the massacre of a group of fellow Jews attempting to escape. She resolves to bring down the Nazi occupation by infiltrating their local headquarters as a spy, but soon finds herself wrapped up in a dangerous double life. Also with Sebastian Koch, Thom Hoffman and Halina Reijn

Live Flesh (18) 1997 Internationally acclaimed Spanish director Pedro Almodovar's sex comedy following the antics of three lovers a beautiful woman, her paralysed husband and a love-struck man intent on driving a wedge between them. Javier Bardem, Francesca Neri, Liberto Rabal and Penelope Cruz star

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