Optimism for Spanish TV

In spite of the present financial and economic crisis, some of the latest financial results from Spain's audiovisual companies are not too unhealthy.

Mediaset's Telecinco reported a net profit of E228.3 million in the first nine months of the year, so becoming the leading Spanish channel with regard to adversitising revenues and is now Europe’s most profitable channel. This result is only 13.1% inferior to that of the same period last year. Also the channel has become viewing market share leader with 18.4% of total viewing and 20.3% in prime time.

In the mean time production company Imagina (integrated by producers Globomedia and Mediapro) has finished the Q3 with a growth of nine per cent in profits and 12.14% in revenue on the same period last year. At the same time the company's EBITDA has grown nine per cent, reaching €79.5 million.

According to the group's forecast, it hopes to end this year with €1,000 million incomes and a significantly superior EBITDA than last year.

Regarding its business line more than 25% of Imagina's incomes come from abroad, especially in the US, South America and the Middle East.

But in contrast to the acceptable results from these important audiovisual companies, Grupo Planeta's Antena 3, Spain's second most important private TV channel dropped net profit by 46.5% in the first nine months this year, down to €71.3 million.