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Thread: freesat stronger in Spain ?

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    freesat stronger in Spain ?

    Has bbc and itv strenthend the signal on astra 28 deg freesat ?
    I am in southern spain and for the last 2 days have picked these signals up clear all day untill about 9 pm usually i get nothing with a 1.2 mtr dish !!
    You usually only just get it with a 1.4. It has also been cloudy and raining !!

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    Re: freesat stronger in Spain ?

    dont think thats why I was not getting it as I am in the Alicante area and you need a 1.8 here. You can just get the signal with a 1.4 so I am surprised that the channels have suddenly appeared on a 1.2.
    If you are using a 1.2 in this area I would like to know your set up ie lnb receiver etc. Please.

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    Re: freesat stronger in Spain ?

    hi nigel, i am a satellite installer in the granada area of spain, i use a 1.3m dish over here which gives reception 24hrs a day (with a good sky box), however with regards to your post over the past 2 weeks several clients from certain areas have informed me that certain bbc and itv channels have been dropping out for no reason (even when they have an excellent signal on their sky box) so it does seam something is going on with these channels.
    i have also tested the new freesat boxes and in my opinion they have a slightly stronger tuner than most sky boxes.
    p.s. are u useing your freesat box to its full potential? do u know you can tune none freesat channels to the freesat box i.e. sky news etc.

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    Re: freesat stronger in Spain ?

    Thanks for that.
    I am not using a freesat or sky box. Just a normal sat receiver . I have 3 different ones and they receive the freesat and the other free sky channels ie paranormal,sky news etc.
    I have had the dish etc for a year but it is only this week that these channels have come strong enough to view and I have not done anything.

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    Re: freesat stronger in Spain ?

    do I need something special to recieve Freesat on my PC? I am in Germany and have a 90cm Dish

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