IMPORTANT Security Update ( Dreambox Enigma 1 )

A security issue has been identified that could allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to compromise your Dreambox Enigma 1 based system and gain control over it. This issue could allow an attacker to download any file from your Dreambox, through the HTTP port 80, when open to an external network. You can help protect your Dreambox by installing this update from Nabilosat Team. After you install this item, you must restart Enigma.

Dreambox Enigma 1

1) Download the required patch for your Dreambox model
2) Unzip compressed folder, and extract the file to your PC.
3) With your FTP software, go to /usr/bin for 7020 or /var/bin for 7000
4) delete the file enigma
5) copy the new extracted file to the same location in your DM
6) assign executable permissions 755 to the file
7) restart enigma

This patch is only for Dreambox running Nabilosat Enigma 1 images, and it is not compatible to other images.

please note that this bug effects all the immage running on enigma1