Kudelski & UPC hit Irish pirate

UPC's Irish division has linked with Kudelski to sue an alleged cable pirate in Ireland for up to €9.2m ($12m), with the action arguing that Thomas Roddy, described in the Court documents as a “student teacher”, had supplied equipment which enabled free access to cable transmissions.

Mr Roddy allegedly owns assorted properties in Ireland and is facing actions by UPC Communications Ireland Ltd, East Point Business Park, Dublin 3, and three Swiss registered companies (Nagravision SA, Nagracard SA and Kudelski SA) all of which all provide conditional access services controlling access to digital TV and broadband internet.

Mr Roddy, despite his student status, allegedly held 15 bank accounts. Mr Justice Peter Kelly has granted applications to see the action held in the Commercial Court. It is claimed in Court documents that Mr Roddy was involved in providing services, including hardware, software and websites, which assisted his clients to receive cable and MMDS services without paying subscription fees.