SES Astra reports successful 1M launch

SES-Astra has announced that its new Astra 1M satellite has been successfully launched into orbit. ASTRA 1M roared into space onboard a Proton Breeze M launch vehicle from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan yesterday (November 5) evening at 21.44 (02.44 am local time today). The satellite will be brought into its final orbital position within the next weeks and made commercially available in January after extensive in-orbit testing.

Astra 1M will be located at the orbital position 19.2 degrees East for delivering DTH services including HDTV to Continental Europe.
“We are very proud and satisfied that the Astra 1M launch has been a success”, said Ferdinand Kayser, president and CEO in a statement. “Astra 1M will benefit our customers and allow them to broadcast additional HD channels. The success of the Astra 1M launch is an important milestone for SES Astra and we would like to underline the very good cooperation with our launch partners, International Launch Services (ILS) and EADS Astrium.”