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Thread: Lemon 020s and Adult channels.

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    Question Lemon 020s and Adult channels.

    Hello to everyone.

    I have two questions:

    The "Lemon 020s" works well with "Biss" and Rai Africa, but with this decoder is possible to see "Sex on TV" or other adult channels?

    The Lemon 020s recognizes CCW and asks three things:

    Provider ID:
    000000 (6 characters)

    00 (2 characters)

    0000000000000000 (16 characters)

    1) What are the 6 numbers for Provider?
    2) What are the 2 numbers for index?

    If is not possible to see "Sex on TV, there are other adult channels that is possible to see (Sex View or others) on Hotbird and Astra? Lemon 020s recognizes: CCW-BISS-Nagra-Cryptoworks-Irdeto-Seca-Viacess.

    If with Lemon 020s is not possible see anything, could you recommend another decoder easy to use as the Lemon 020s?

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    Re: Lemon 020s and Adult channels.

    yes u can see u can add Dcw keys in first line 00 first 8 keys and in second line 01 the other 8 keys ..for the provider u can visit keys section ..and u will fine the other 6 provider line .

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