Belgacom TV claims 30% digital market share

At the presentation of its quarterly financial results, Belgacom said that it had now reached a 30% market share of the digital TV market in Belgium. During 2008, the operator added 137,820 new TV customers, of which 51,679 were during the third quarter.

“In three years we stepped up our share from zero to about 30%,” according to Belgacom. At the end of September, a potential reach of 85% of all homes was reached; about 54% can potentially watch the HD channels. This figure will rise to 60% before the end of the year, with the continued roll-out of VDSL2.

The total TV customer base reached 443,139 at the end of September, with 53,651 homes also having a second stream for multi-room viewing. The ARPU for TV also continues its positive trend and rose to €17.90 in the third quarter. This improvement is due to the higher usage of the VOD service and because of customers paying the full price after initial promotional rates.