Conditions on public pay DTT

Spain's private broadcasters are fighting more and more for their rights as digital switch over nears in April 2010. Mediaset’s Telecinco and grupo Planeta’s Antena 3 have now sent a document to the government asking for a “reinvention” of the business model of public national and regional TV channels.

The Commercial Television Unión (UTECA), the private national TV channels association, wants future pay DTT for “everyone” except for national public broadcaster Televisión Española (TVE).

The association considers “fundamental” bringing forward sharing the radioelectric spectrum of the multiplexes. That meaning the four digital TV channels every broadcaster will have after switch off which could mean a change in the broadcasting frequency also with all digital antennas adaptation already in place.

UTECA also wants to cut down to half the number of present digital public channels in order to erase future hard advertising competitors. For instance Televisión Española will have eight digital channels, with the likelihood of broadcasting 72 advertising minutes per hour between them rather than the 22 minutes it has now. That¹s why the association wants to totally delete advertising on TVE and the public regional TV channels.