Chechen TV on satellite soon

Breakaway Russian province’s Chechen TV will shortly be available on satellite, reports BBC Monitoring.

Chechen TV will be available via satellite in December, the Chechen minister for external relations, ethnic policy, information and press, Shamsail Saraliyev, said at a meeting with President Ramzan Kadyrov on Friday [7 November], and reported by BBC Monitoring.

"Chechen Groznyy TV will start broadcasting via satellite round the clock on 20 December. Our signal will be available in Russia and Europe as a whole. It is already known that the satellite signal of ChGTRK Groznyy will be available in the UK, North Africa and the Middle East," Saraliyev said. The Chechen president said that the implementation of the project would allow [Chechnya] to inform a large audience of the real state of affairs in the republic, which still remained a dangerous and complicated Russian region in the imagination of the westerners.

"Our compatriots abroad and citizens in these countries will finally be able to receive verified information about the situation in the republic, that is first hand information, after the launch of satellite broadcasts," Kadyrov said. The minister said that apart from satellite broadcasting, the republic is one of the first Russian regions where the relay of TV signals will go completely digital.

"From the technical standpoint, we are fully ready to shift to digital broadcasting. Today we are waiting for appropriate permission. It is known so far that the package of digital TV channels will include Mir, DTV, STS, Domashniy, Channel Five (St Petersburg) and two radio stations. In the future the package will expand," Saraliyev said.