Sky Player to offer online pay-TV access

Sky has announced plans to offer a subscription based TV package through its online Sky Player platform. The package, available to both Mac and PC users, will eliminate the need to install a TV-based package.

“We want to make it easy for customers to enjoy great TV on their terms. Sky Player already gives more flexibility to Sky TV customers and soon we will offer some of the most popular pay TV channels through a standalone subscription to a secure online platform,” said Mike Darcey, Sky’s Chief Operating Officer. “While the laptop won’t replace the TV experience for most people, we’re creating more choices to allow customers to choose the option that suits their lifestyle.”

The Sky Player will have its own dedicated EPG and grant access to Sky’s popular channel brands and third party channels. Subscription packages will be announced shortly.

Launched as Sky anytime on PC, the Sky Player currently offers a selection of on demand content from Sky-branded channels. It recently added access the BBC iPlayer catch-up TV service to third party content that also includes ESPN Classic, History Channel, National Geographic and Baby First.

The concept of a PC to TV service is not new, Belgian cable operator Telenet having offered such a service to its subscribers for several years.