Premiere locks out pirates

German pay-TV operator Premiere has finalised the change of its encryption system and the swap of all its subscribers’ smartcards. The encryption is now completely piracy-proof again, the Munich-based broadcaster announced.

The hacked version of encryption system Nagravision has been switched off. According to Premiere, all manipulated set-top-boxes and illicit devices, which have been used to compromise the old version of the encryption system for illegal reception of its pay-TV services, are now useless.

The security gaps led to declining subscriber figures in the past months. In June, former CEO Michael Börnicke estimated that Premiere suffers from at least one million illegal viewers.

With the move to the yet un-hacked encryption system VideoGuard and an improved Nagravision version Premiere anticipates regaining subscriber growth. The broadcaster also hopes to convert several hundred thousand former pirates into legitimate subscribers.